Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blog Hop/ An abundance of fun.

It's Tuesday or should I say close to Wednesday. It's Unity Hop day. All the new releases are so cute I can't wait till Friday it's payday for me. I've been waiting a while to be able to put in an order but first off lets talk projects.

It's National Stamping month and Unity has been doing an itty bitty stamp challenge. I love these challenges it makes me a better crafter this way. I wonder what will come next.
This one is one of my favorite itty bitty's "To my Cupcake" I love it.

This was my original subject of the blog for tonight. Meet Greta Whimsy and she is so ready for Halloween. She likes to wear red and green. She kinda reminds me of a character in Hocus Pocus. Can you guess who?

Merry Kissmas is so freaking cute. Another of my itty bittys  for the challenge.

Well that is all I have for you today make sure you do the blog hop and join in the fun. I'll finish mine tomorrow. This is one person who is feeling very run down.

Thanks for visiting me. Enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much. Your cards this week were beautiful.

  2. Lovely projects, Lupe. Greta is so pretty!

  3. Look like some FUN projects. Cute stamping.

  4. Absolutely wonderful,colorful,beautiful projects!

  5. Wonderful variety of projects. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    1. Thank you. And your welcome. I like to share what I create.